Based on years of competence in the on- shore wind business, we have successfully extended and completed our range of services for offshore installations. Starting from pre-assembly in the port through to offshore installation of tower sections, rotor stars, single blades and turbines, commissioning, repairs, maintenance, servicing and dismantling – with our own team we perform all these tasks in every phase of the life-cycle of wind energy turbines.

Repowering is the last phase in the life-cycle for wind energy turbine usage. Thanks to repowering, it continues somewhere else with fresh wind. We provide support for these projects and implement the decommissioning and dismantling of turbines, the loading of the components, the crane service and installation at the new location.

We train our team to become professionals: The German Wind Academy is our partner for all offshore training courses. They work according to the slogan “Certified  with Certainty”. GWA  conducts training courses for safety, technology and medicine – in realistic scenarios, also out at sea or on platforms. Both on- and offshore,  the GWA offers a comprehensive training programme which can be developed and adapted as needed.

Our wind energy services at a glance:

  • Installation of towers, turbines, rotor stars and assembly of single blades on- and offshore
  • Mechanical and technical completion of installations
  • Maintenance, repair and servicing
  • Maintenance, inspection and repair of rotor blades
  • Cleaning of rotor blades and towers as well as corrosion protection of the tower
  • Retrofitting of wind energy turbines, exchange of components and dismantling
  • Repowering of wind energy turbines
  • Full-service packages including logistics
  • Tools including calibration, inspection, maintenance and repair
  • Personnel leasing
  • Real-time documentation and follow-up

For further information please contact us:

+49 40 7420376-0

For further information about offshore, technical and medical trainings please contact the German Wind Academy:

+49 44 04 98 75 150