Hamburg, 26 September 2018

The management teams of SSC Wind and ROBUR announced the signing of an agreement to combine into the leading, independent German service provider for wind energy services. The transaction is expected to be executed by the end of November.

Amongst other, SSC Wind acts as a leader in on- and offshore installation of wind turbines as well as service engineering provider for wind turbines. ROBUR WIND (consisting of ROBUR companies WKA and ROSCH) is leading the fields of blade maintenance as well as on- and offshore maintenance services. Together, the merged ROBUR WIND will become a full-service provider of market-leading solutions to its growing list of customers.

The combined entity with approximately € 60 Mio. in revenues and 600 specialists across multiple geographies will be the leading, German OEM independent full-service provider. Customers will benefit from enhanced expertise in complex solutions, increased regional and global coverage as well as an extended service portfolio that covers all phases of the wind turbine life cycle. ROBUR WIND will stay part of the larger ROBUR Industry Service Group, with approximately 1800 colleagues among the TOP 10 German industry service providers.

ROBUR partners Kyriakos Kosmidis (WKA managing director and spokesman of the business unit ROBUR WIND) and Maik Schlapmann (managing director of ROSCH Industrieservice) actively supported the transaction and are looking forward grow the business along with their new colleagues from SSC Wind. The joint track record within ROBUR provides a solid basis for a joint future as leading full-service provider in wind energy.

The SSC Wind EMEA management team around Anne Higgen-Eden, Hinrich Eden and the manager of SSC Wind and SSC Baltic Wind Rene Psarski are looking forward to joining ROBUR Group with the clear expectation that the SSC Wind NETWORK will give the combined group an edge in providing best-in-class services to its growing list customers. ROBUR’s unique culture promotes entrepreneurship, fosters growth and allows executive management to take on additional responsibility within ROBUR Group.

ROBUR managing partner Daniel Beringer said that it is ROBUR Group’s clear intention to develop the ROBUR WIND business unit further within the industry service group in the upcoming years both organically as well as through select acquisitions and through further investment in the internationalization and technological development of SSC Wind, WKA and ROSCH. ROBUR Group will continue to work very hard to remain the preferred independent partner for all customers in the highly dynamic wind power market.