The most important feature of our service ports is their close proximity to the wind farms.  They are the optimal starting point for transporting supplies to the wind farms and for all repairs. The necessary equipment, tools, small and medium-sized components can be stored here. Fully equipped berths, in most cases independent of tides, provide optimal conditions, especially for smaller service vessels of every kind. In addition, our locations offer good connections by road and air as well as comfortable accommodation.

For further information please contact us:

+49 40 7420376-0

Ems Maritime Offshore Terminal, Eemshaven

  • Terminal area: 35,000 m²
  • Office and storage area: 2,200 m²
  • Floating Jetty: 150 m long
  • Fresh water, shore-side power connection and WiFi
  • Close proximity to the Heliport
  • Direct rail connection to Groningen/ Amsterdam Schiphol close to the terminal

Port Knock, Emden

  • Terminal area: 5,000 m²
  • Office and storage space
  • Extended area: 28,000 m²
  • Berth: heavy load quay
  • Handling CTVs and vessels up to 130 m in length, including fresh water and shore-side power connection
  • 200 km from Emden Airport

Port Borkum, Borkum

  • Quay: 180 m
  • Up to 600 m floating jetty
  • Office and warehousing space
  • Comfortable accommodation
  • Port crane, up to 16 t