Emden, 17 October 2018

–  NHC supports transports for Petrofac to BorWin3-Gamma

–  Platform one of the largest offshore converter stations in the world

In September, Northern HeliCopter GmbH (NHC), Emden, the experienced aviation company for the offshore industry, received an order from Petrofac Ltd. for transport flights/crew changes to the BorWin3 Gamma platform. The framework contract for the transports covers the entire installation and commissioning phase.

“We are delighted to be able to contribute to the smooth construction of one of the world’s largest offshore converter stations with the reliable transport of technicians and service personnel,” says Frank Zabell, Managing Director of Northern HeliCopter GmbH.

Petrofac is one of the leading general contractors in the oil and gas industry and is responsible for the construction and offshore installation of the platform 130 kilometres off the German coast in a consortium with Siemens. The consortium’s client is the German-Dutch electricity grid
operator TenneT.

The converter station with a capacity of 900 megawatts is scheduled to go into operation on the gamma platform in 2019. When completed, the high-voltage DC transmission station will have six floors and a weight of 20,000 tons. It will be responsible for the conversion of electricity from two wind farms and can supply more than one million German households with electricity.

In addition to offshore passenger transport, NHC has been experienced in air rescue more than 25 years and operates three rescue helicopters. They are in standby in St. Peter-Ording for the wind farms in the North Sea and at the Güttin airfield on the island of Rügen for the wind farms in the Baltic Sea for the offshore wind power operators. The rescue helicopters are specially equipped for this task and permanently manned by an emergency doctor and a paramedic.

Northern HeliCopter GmbH, based in Emden, employs more than 80 people and operates six helicopters. The company has more than 25 years of experience in the field of air rescue and, in addition to offshore rescue, offers air ambulance services and passenger transport. In 2014 a base in St. Peter-Ording was established next to Emden, and on 1 January 2018 another base in Güttin on the island of Rügen was established to significantly reduce the approach time to offshore wind farms. In 2011 NHC was the first private company that offers 365 days a year, 24 hours a day rescue flights in the Deutsche Bucht. With the introduction of the holistic offshore rescue concept WINDEAcare, NHC has established itself as the market leader in the industry in collaboration with partners in emergency medicine and, more recently, with partners specialising in fire fighting.

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