Our installations and base ports are real heavyweights for the offshore industry. This is where the hard work starts and that is exactly what they are designed for:  pre-assembly  of the wind turbines is carried out in these locations as they provide the ideal conditions with adequate storage, quay and assembly areas, loading capacities and heavy load platforms. They enable the jacking for several vessels and have the permanent special equipment like cranes and SPMT. We can therefore ensure smooth loading of steel elements of up to 1,500 tons and provide the suitable logistics concept at the same time. RoRo and LoLo concepts complete our range of services.

The proximity of our base ports to the wind farm clusters is an extra advantage. This means short distances and fast transport of components – handled by experienced and highly qualified personnel.

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Buss Terminal Eemshaven, Eemshaven

  • Terminal area: 250,000 m²
  • Surface area load: 35 t/m²
  • Heavy load platform: 20 t/m²
  • Depth: 14 m
  • Quay length: 694 m

Mukran Port Terminals, Sassnitz/Rügen

  • Terminal area: 250,000 m²
  • Hall area: 11,000 m²
  • Surface area load: up to 20 t/m²
  • Heavy load platform: 20 t/m²
  • Depth: 10,5 m