Uckerland, 21 April 2020

WP Systems GmbH has tested a modified version of its working platform SYSTEM terra in order to use it on all existing onshore turbines. This has now been successfully demonstrated during a test run on one of the currently largest onshore wind turbines, the V150 (4.2 MW) from Vestas. The working platform has mastered the farthest distance of 17.5 meters between the tower and the tip of the rotor blade.

Ole Renner, CEO of WP Systems: “After this successful demonstration, we will implement the modifications in our series production. This will give our customers access to the latest generation of onshore wind turbines”.

The SYSTEM terra working platform developed for the rotor blade repair of onshore turbines has already been tested and used on the market for two years. The platform, which is completely protected from weather, enables technicians to carry out repairs around the entire rotor blade all year around. Work on the blade can be carried out at wind speeds of up to 12.5 m/s and, if necessary, 24/7 in a temperature- and humidity-controlled environment.

At the beginning of March, the SYSTEM terra working platform also proved its functionality for the first time on an offshore wind turbine. A Siemens SWT-3.6 offshore turbine, which is located onshore in the German district of Nordfriesland, served for a representative test run. The SYSTEM terra working platform is also to meet the special offshore requirements in the near future and is already being developed further to become the SYSTEM aqua. This will be an important part of the new holistic service and logistics concept WINDEA Blade Service, which will make blade repair in the offshore wind sector safer, more efficient and more cost-effective.

Jan Boesner, Head of Development at WP Systems: “For us, the continuous development of our products is our top priority. We consider it as our daily challenge to respond to the constantly changing conditions and the progressive development of wind turbines”.


About WP Systems
WP Systems is a specialist mechanical engineering firm headquartered in the town of Ruhland, around 30 minutes north of Dresden. The team has more than 15 years of experience in the development of innovative machines. The company uses cutting-edge development methods to create next-generation machines for the wind power sector. In addition to our rotor blade maintenance system, innovative systems for the dismantling of wind turbines will also be offered in the future.

WINDEA Blade Service
The WINDEA Offshore GmbH & Co. KG combines all required service modules including logistics within the product WINDEA Blade Service, so that the customer does not have to coordinate any further interfaces. The advantages of the new concept are obvious: a tailor-made, cost-efficient vessel solution instead of an expensive jack-up vessel, protected working platform instead of weather-limited rope access work, and optimally used personnel.