Hamburg, 25 September 2018

Buss Offshore Solutions and IDEA Groupe establish Joint Venture Buss IDEA Offshore / bundling the experience and core competencies of both companies ensures comprehensive logistics support for French offshore wind market / service portfolio covers logistics services for nearshore and base harbor logistics for the installation phase as well as holistic services for the operation and maintenance phases

The Hamburg based Buss Offshore Solutions and the St. Nazaire based IDEA Groupe establish the joint venture Buss IDEA Offshore to offer a wide range of logistics services for the French Offshore Market. Both parties have signed a MoU at the WindEnergy Hamburg Expo entailing the outlines and service portfolio of Buss IDEA Offshore.

Buss IDEA Offshore will serve clients with its extensive experiences in offshore wind and logistics to ensure the success of the developing market in France. While IDEA Groupe provides a strong local network and the know-how for specific logistics projects in the energy field, Buss Offshore Solutions delivers the project management and engineering know-how and experience from its track record of more than 15 large-scale offshore wind projects in the North and Baltic Sea. The joint venture positions itself in the right time to provide its services for the projects in the upcoming years, which will significantly contribute to the goal of the French government of producing 40 percent of its energy with renewables by 2030, as it has been recently reinstated by President Macron in June this year.

Martin Schulz, CEO of Buss Offshore Solutions: „We are convinced that IDEA is the ideal partner for our intentions in the French offshore market. With more than 100 years of experience in transport and logistics and a strong local network, IDEA will deliver an extensive local content and a widespread experience in the transport and logistics sector to the joint venture. We are looking forward to our future cooperation.”

Nicolas Derouault, CEO of IDEA Groupe adds: “Our partnership with Buss Offshore Solutions, as one of the most experienced offshore experts in port logistics, ensures the professional and holistic approach of Buss IDEA Offshore for the upcoming French offshore wind projects and the corresponding challenges. The service portfolio of Buss IDEA Offshore will furthermore benefit from the wide range of services Buss Offshore Solutions delivers with its joint venture WINDEA Offshore, covering all services required by the offshore wind industry, not only in installation but also in the operation and maintenance phases.”