Blade repair via rope access strongly depends on weather conditions: WIND, RAIN, HUMIDITY limit the operating time offshore.

Disassembly of rotor blades, repair on jack-up vessel or ashore are reliable solutions: BUT-COST-INTENSIVE.

WINDEA Offshore developed with its partners Buss, Bernhard Schulte Offshore and WP Systems a logistics concept for blade service: Offshore – Independently of rain and humidity. Without disassembly of blade by using a SOV. SYSTEM aqua the sheltered working platform provide optimal working condition: 360 degrees around the blade. 24 hours a day.

Sheltered working platform SYSTEM Aqua

  • Independently of rain and humidity
  • Without disassembly of blades
  • Using a SOV

Optimal working conditions

  • 360 degrees around the blade
  • 24 hours a day

Working limits

  • 12.5 m/s wind speed
  • -10 degrees temperature

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