Conventional blade repair is done via rope access or utilizing jack-up vessels. While rope access allows quick interventions, this method is very time consuming for larger campaigns and heavily depending on weather. Wind, rain, humidity, and unobstructed daylight are just a few of the limitations for safe and qualitative repairs. Alternatively, jack-up vessels are used demounting entire blades for repairs. This method is less depending on weather or daylight and less dangerous for personnel, however, the jack-up vessel is less flexible and very costly.

This situation calls for alternative methods to access the turbine blades for repairs, during interventions and in large campaigns.

WINDEA Offshore, with its partners Buss and Bernhard Schulte, has developed a comprehensive logistics and access concept that overcomes the deficiencies of traditional methods, especially for larger campaigns. Building on an extensive track record in SOV operation offshore and utilizing blade repairs via a access platform onshore, WINDEA adapted it for offshore use: 360 degree working platform for 24/7 operation all year around, completely protected from weather. Work on the blade is performed at wind speeds of up to 12.5 m/s and in a temperature- and humidity-controlled environment.

Shipped and provided by DP2 vessels, this working platform enables repairs directly at the wind farm. With services in maritime logistics, repair (specialists), provision of the blade repair platform, complementary inspection, and reporting services as well as project management, WINDEA puts together the best solution for the client’s specific project. The client can choose a complete one-stop solution or customize only the services they need to fill gaps in their campaign.

A few highlights of the service:

Sheltered working platform

  • Independently of rain and humidity
  • Workday and night, 24/7
  • 360 degree access to blade without repositioning the platform
  • Shift and blade-change without rebuilding platform
  • Repair without disassembly of blades

Optimal working conditions

  • Sheltered working area, ergonomic working
  • Workbench and storage available

Working limits

  • 12.5 m/s wind speed
  • -10 degrees temperature

Maritime logistics

  • Utilize your own SOV, or
  • Any W2W or DP2 vessel on the market

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