NHC Northern Helicopter is our partner for offshore rescue by air and customer-specific flight services. With more than 25 years’ experience in ambulance and intensive care flights, the company has a valuable wealth of know-how in both the medical and aero- nautical fields. Today, the company provides dedicated helicopters for offshore rescue and transport of injured persons.

From the position of market leader for HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Services), NHC Northern Helicopter expanded its service portfolio to include passenger  and  material  transport by helicopter. The fleet comprises five helicopters and offers customers flexible and customised solutions. In the company’s headquarters in Emden and the locations St. Peter-Ording and Güttin on Rügen, the team can be reached 24/7 and welcomes passengers in a friendly atmosphere.

Whatever it is. NHC Northern Helivopter brings people, material as well as hazardous goods safely and reliably to the offshore wind farms in the North and Baltic Seas.

The complete range of services in the air:

  • Passenger and material transport by helicopter and small aircraft
  • Hazardous goods transport
  • Photo and VIP flights
  • Certification flights
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Hoist training
  • Cost reduction due to open jaw flights
  • Registration with Customs and Federal Police
  • Freight handling and forwarding
  • Organisation of local transfers for passengers between accommodation and airport

For further information please contact us:

+49 40 7420376-0